Home Brewing: AG13 – Hop Panic!

This story has two rather contradictory morals to it, but they’re both equally valuable lessons. Moral 1: Plan Ahead I started out with the intention of re-making my previously successful #IPADay, because it’s a lovely beer and my store of the previous batch was running low. The brew day started out well enough, and the… Read more »

O’Hara’s Brewery Tour At Home

If Saint Patrick’s Day this year proved anything, it’s that large portions of the UK seem to think that the only beer Ireland has even heard of is stout. I even saw pubs proudly tweeting their beery line-ups for the day, consisting entirely of stouts that weren’t even from Ireland. This is, of course, absurd…. Read more »

Belvoir Brewery Tour-At-Home

Belvoir Brewery is a Leicestershire brewery, just a stone’s throw from Melton Mowbray – home of pies and cheese fairs. It’s now 20 years old, which isn’t ancient by any measure but certainly means it pre-dates the craft beer revolution. They have a number of beers in their core range – the website lists 8,… Read more »

A Tale Of Three Stouts

2014 was the year when Craft Beer went mainstream. The big, established brewers finally noticed that their market share was at risk, and started looking for ways to jump on the bandwagon. Some of them jumped on with both feet, setting up small, in-house microbreweries and letting their brewers off the leash a little. Others… Read more »