Advent: Day 24 – North British Batch 2

After the remarkable grain whiskies I’ve enjoyed in this year’s Advent Calendar it seems appropriate to end on another. North British is one of Scotland’s largest grain whisky producers and although (as with most grain whisky) the vast majority goes into big brand blends, just about every independent bottler seems to offer at least one… Read more »

Advent: Day 22 – TWBC Glenturret 35 Year Old Batch 2

I’d never heard of Glenturret, but apparently it houses the Famous Grouse Experience (from which we can infer that it’s a significant component of the Famous Grouse!) which makes it a pretty¬†significant tourist stop. It also claims to be “Scotland’s oldest working distillery”, but to be honest I’ve lost count of the distilleries that say… Read more »