Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Young's Double Chocolate Stout
Young's Double Chocolate Stout
Brewery: Young's
Abv: 5.2%

Name: Young's Luxury Double Chocolate Stout

Bottled/Draft: Bottled, not conditioned.

Colour: Pitch black

Head: Fine bubbles, lingering deep brown head

Mouthfeel: Fine bubbles remain in the mouth, giving an almost creamy texture.

Taste: Slight bitterness, but more from the deep roasted malt than hops.

In both taste and smell, this beer lives up to its name with both chocolate and deep, roasted malty "stoutness" clearly present. As well as the traditional chocolate malt, this beer actually contains real dark chocolate as well as chocolate essence.

The trouble is the chocolate overtones don't really blend in with the beer and feel rather artificially added. I can see how Young's have tried to make their stout stand out from other chocolate malt-heavy offering but it just doesn't work for me.

An essentially nice stout, but spoiled by what feels more like a marketing gimmick than a useful addition.

This review was originally published 20th October, 2010. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.