St Peter's The Saints Whisky Beer

St Peter's The Saints Whisky Beer
St Peter's The Saints Whisky Beer
Brewery: St Peter's
Abv: 4.8%

I've always had a soft spot for St Peter's, if only for the shape of their bottles. They make some tasty beers too, if you like your beer on the more traditional side of the brewing spectrum.

This is their The Saints Whisky Beer, made with a measure of English Whisky from the Saint George's Distillery in Norfolk.

It's quite a pale gold beer, with a large bubbled, fleeting head. The nose definitely has a smoky hint of whisky to it, along with a slightly sweet malty tang.

In the mouth there's a lot of fizz, and more of those smoky flavours – I'm not getting much else coming through from the whisky and although I love some smoke, I find myself wishing there was a little more depth to it.

The 'base beer' too, is a little lacking in complexity. The body is light – verging on the watery – and although there's a little sweetness and a slightly dry finish, there's really not much else there.

That might not matter if there was an overwhelming belt of whisky in there, but it's just a hint. If you're going to call something a whisky beer, to my mind it should grab you by the throat and scream whisky at you – not just hint that there might have been an open bottle somewhere in the brewery.

On a positive note, I like the promise of the nose and will have to seek out Saint George's Distillery!

This review was originally published 25th December, 2012. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.