Sainsbury's Great British Beer Hunt 2013

So once again, breweries up and down the land have the chance to win national exposure in Sainsbury's Great British Beer Hunt – a great-sounding annual beer promotion that the supermarket seems determined to hide from customers as best they can.

This year, the beers aren't even to be found in the alcohol section – they're tucked away in the Seasonal aisle, next to some toys. I can only assume that someone in the planning department hates beer.

Well Hidden

The final list of 20 beers makes for interesting reading this year, as there are several breweries with multiple entries – one (William Bros) even manages to get three beers into the list!

Given that Sainsbury's claim they have more breweries entering than every before, I find this an odd state of affairs. Perhaps there's an argument for only allowing one beer from each brewery, to give others a chance?

As with last year's tastings, I have marked each beer on appearance, mouthfeel (both out of 5), aroma and flavour (both out of 10) giving an overall score out of 30. I'll list most of the beers with brief tasting notes again – starting with the bottom ten tomorrow – but I'll give my top three a full tasting post each.

This post was originally published 25th September, 2013. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.