Marble Ginger 1888 Stout

Marble Ginger 1888 Stout
Marble Ginger 1888 Stout
Brewery: Marble
Abv: 6.5%

Ginger and Stout are two very enticing beer types, so the prospect of having both together is rather exciting. Marble did very well in last years Great Alcoholic Ginger Beer Taste Test so I have high hopes!

Here is their 6.5% ABV Ginger 1888 Stout, described as "all the best things about winter in a beer". Even before I get to taste it, though, a few marks off for a gushing bottle – not quite all over the kitchen, but a depressing quantity of beer oozing down the sink as I mop up the mess.

Once I finally get (most of) it in the glass, it's a glorious, deep deep dark brown colour, with an open bubbled generous tan head on it. There's definitely ginger in the aroma, along with gentle roasted malt and chocolate.

In the mouth, it's surprisingly fizzy. The ginger is still there, but it's subtle – the flavour is there, but without the aggressive heat. The roasted malt from the aroma is present too, and a gentle sweetness at the start which is nicely balanced by quite a dry finish.

It's a nice stout, with a controlled ginger background but it's too fizzy.

This review was originally published 27th December, 2012. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.