Fuller's & Friends: Flora & The Griffin

Fuller's & Friends: Flora & The Griffin
Fuller's & Friends: Flora & The Griffin
Brewery: Fuller's, Thornbridge
Abv: 7.1%

In the last couple of years I've grown to realise what a great ingredient rye is. My consistent 'go-to' beers from London Brewing - the mighty Mad As Hops when they have it, and the almost-as-good Rye 'The Hell' Not when they don't - are both Rye IPAs.

At the same time, when it comes to American whiskies, the more rye you get in it, the better it will taste.

Flora & The Griffin is a 7.1% ABV red rye ale from Thornbridge - an impressive pedigree combined with one of my favourite styles has set my expectations high.

The appearance is good; a rich red ale, albeit with a very fleeting, open textured head.

The aroma is floral and hoppy, with some spicy notes and a hint of grain to it as well.

In the mouth, it's surprisingly fruity - cherries and a little toffee, which yield to a heavy hitting bitterness that has a nice edge of resin to it. There is a touch of warmth from the alcohol, but the carbonation is heavy handed.

I feel a little disappointed by this one, and I know that it's mostly because of my high expectations. It's a very nice, tasty rye ale but I can't help mentally comparing it to my favourites and it just isn't quite up there. 3.5 stars.

This review was originally published 27th December, 2017. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.