Dojo Beer Alto

Dojo Beer Alto
Dojo Beer Alto
Brewery: Dojo
Abv: 5%

Dojo Beer is brewed in Matsuyama, in Southern Japan and is perhaps unique in bring brewed specifically to be enjoyed after a hot bath in the onsen (hot springs) there!

They produce three different beers - a pale ale, a stout and an Alto, which is the one above.

Sadly a lack of clear glass means I can't show you the colour of the beer - I'm drinking it out of a coffee mug - but it's a nice, dark caramel color with a thin, slightly tan head.

It has a rich toffee aroma, with a hint of raw grains and just a touch of coffee that come through as it rests.

In the mouth it's initially a little weak, almost watery with just a touch of honey sweetness. Allow it to sit in the tongue, however, and some more flavour come though - a slightly resinous hop character, nicely bitter and with a distinctly metallic edge.

Is a very odd beer - the taste is completely at odds with the nose, and that rich, malt heavy aroma is almost entirely missing in the mouth.

"One gulp of beer", the bottle informs us, "taken just after a bath is the time when feel most refreshed."

I can imagine that actually it might be quite a refreshing drink when you've been gently boiling in an onsen, but for the rest of the time I think this is a little lacking. 2 stars.

This review was originally published 13th November, 2013. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.