8 Arch Brewing Company Brewery Tour-At-Home

8 Arch Brewing Company Brewery Tour-At-Home
8 Arch Brewing Company Brewery Tour-At-Home

It's always good when a long weekend in the country involves enough spare time to hit a few local breweries.

After our visit to Dorset earlier this year courtesy of I returned with a decent haul of beers from the county, including a set from a new (to me) brewery, 8 Arch Brewing.

8 Arch Brewing is based in Wimborne, Dorset and is named for the local landmark of Julian's Bridge which crosses the River Stour with an unusually long span of 8 arches. Like many small breweries, they're tucked away on a fairly nondescript industrial estate but they're well worth seeking out.


Bowstring is a 3.8% session bitter. It's a perfect looking copper ale, with a deep, loose textured head.

The aroma is earthy, full of traditional English hops and a nice backdrop of biscuity malt.

In the mouth there are blackcurrant fruit flavours, with a deep bitterness and a little honey sweetness to balance it out. Nothing too wild and crazy, but it's a very tasty best bitter.


Parabolic is a 4.5% pale ale. It's a golden ale with a nice bright white head.

The aroma is wonderfully hoppy - floral notes with lots of tropical fruit in there too.

In the mouth it starts out sugar sweet on the tongue, but this is quickly countered with a deeply bitter hop kick. It's almost too bitter but just manages to stay on the tasty side of the line. Overall, a very nicely crafted hop heavy pale ale.


Quarterback is a 4.8% Porter. It's a blackish brown ale with a deep, but short lived, open textured tan head.

The aroma is pretty much full of toasted malt, almost to the point of burnt.

In the mouth, there's a surprisingly light body - light but in no way watery. There's a tiny touch of sugar at the very start, quickly and delicately balanced by a soft, slightly burnt bitterness. In the background is a hint of blackcurrants, but not much else in the way of fruit.

Light, easy drinking and tasty, but is it perhaps too light for a porter?


Corbel is a 5.5% India pale ale. It's a golden ale with a thin, fine bubbled head.

The aroma is wonderfully hoppy - floral and full of tart citrus fruit, with a belt of passion fruit lurking below that.

In the mouth it's rich and sweet, with passion fruit and a sticky sugar syrup that is slowly - very slowly - countered with a deep, resinous hoppy bitterness.

Delightfully balanced, it doesn't pack quite the punch of the best IPA but it comes wonderfully close. As my tasting notes say - Yum!

Overall it's a decent collection of beers, covering both the traditional and the more 'crafty' side of beer. Definitely one to seek out when you find yourself in that part of the country.

This post was originally published 28th October, 2016. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.