About Me

Me. Drinking!
Me. Drinking!

A Brief History

Pete Drinks started out in June 2010 as an occasional (and frankly, not very well written) guest appearance on the most excellent Kavey Eats, written by my wonderful, talented and generally lovely wife. Given her blog name, Kavey Eats, it only seemed logical to add my own passion with guest posts under the guise of Pete Drinks.

Those initial posts were, ahem, minimalist in nature and were little more than tasting notes of a beer. They probably didn’t make the best reading(they’re all archived here for posterity, so feel free to judge for yourself) but they got me into two very good habits – writing, and thinking about what I was drinking in a new way.

Fast forward a little over a year, to October 2011. After more than 50 posts and writing about over 100 different beers – hopefully in a slightly more interesting way of late – and I’ve accepted that I can no longer really use the excuse of “I don’t know if I’ll even bother to keep it up”, and realised that maybe I need to step out from under the protective wing of being a guest blogger and set sail on the blogosphere all by myself.

So welcome, fair reader, to You can expect the same posts as before, along with a slightly higher level of smaller posts that I wouldn’t have wanted to clutter up my generous host’s blog in the past.


Ok, that’s rather grand sounding but I think it’s important to make it clear where I’m coming from.

All the opinions you read here are mine. They are not for sale; I will only say I like something if I actually do, and that will never be influenced by whether or not I paid for it.

Virtually everything I review, I buy (best not to add up how much this ‘hobby’ is costing me!) – on the rare occasions that something has been given to me to review, I shall make it abundantly clear. I shall also helpfully mark all such posts with some sort of 'freebie' badge, so you can ignore them or seek them out or whatever your personal code of morality requires of you.

Finally, if you produce something you think I should taste, or represent such a producer, by all means get in touch. I can’t promise anything but an honest opinion, I’m afraid!


Some product links take you through to websites I have an affiliate relationship with – a small percentage of what you buy will help support this blog. I only do this with companies I like, and happily buy from myself. Feel free to shop from other providers!


I have recently started experimenting with running adverts on a few pages, via Google Ads. While I completely understand that some people don't like advertising, it's a sad fact of life that beer isn't free (sadly) and neither are web hosting services.

Hopefully they're set to not be too annoying!

Contacting Me

To be honest, I rarely look at twitter these days, although if you send a DM to @petedrinks I'll probably get it. If you prefer email, I’m