Advent: Day 22 – TWBC Glenturret 35 Year Old Batch 2

Advent Review Whisky

3.5 stars

I’d never heard of Glenturret, but apparently it houses the Famous Grouse Experience (from which we can infer that it’s a significant component of the Famous Grouse!) which makes it a pretty significant tourist stop.

It also claims to be “Scotland’s oldest working distillery”, but to be honest I’ve lost count of the distilleries that say that.

Glenturret 35 Year Old Batch 2 is an impressively dark dram, bottled at 47.7% ABV.

The nose is incredibly rich and fruity; it smells like a Christmas pudding – buckets of dried fruit, rich spices, treacle and even some (flaming?!) brandy in there too. Watered, there’s much more old, spirit-soaked oak aroma.

In the mouth, that richness continues – lots of alcohol-soaked dried fruit, cinnamon and nutmeg with some soft brown sugar lurking in the background. A little black pepper in the finish, along with some golden syrup stickiness.

With water, the brown sugar comes through much more strongly although the spiced fruit is still very much present. The suggestion of brandy is back again, while the finish is just as powerful as without the water.

Overall this is a huge whisky, with big sticky fruit throughout – perhaps a little overdone for my personal taste so only 3.5 stars, but if you like your spirit super fruity you could easily add another star.

Many thanks to Master Of Malt for providing their That Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar this year.

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