Advent: Day 16 – Invergordon 42 Year Old Batch 6

Advent Review Whisky

4.5 stars

Another impressively old whisky and once again it’s a single grain, this time from Invergordon. It’s not often seen outside of independent bottlers but that wasn’t always the case.

In 1990, a 10 Year Old expression was released that was apparently “targeted specifically at the female market” – I’m not sure quite what makes grain whisky more ‘female friendly’, or maybe it was just the marketing but it all sounds a bit odd. It didn’t last.

Invergordon 42 Year Old Batch 6 is a 47.7% ABV whisky, and given that it’s reached batch 6, I can only assume that it’s pretty tasty!

The aroma is full of buttery vanilla fudge and a surprisingly aggressive alcohol. As that alcohol dissipates it becomes more like a banoffee cheesecake, with that really artificial banana flavouring.

With water, there’s a more biscuity malt and some old leather coming through.

In the mouth, there’s oversweet milk chocolate, old polished wood and a deep, warming spice lurking underneath. The finish is drying, and there’s a distinct old nuttiness there too.

Watered, the sweetness is tamed, with the wood more pronounced; oak tannin and rye blend wonderfully into a long, spice-filled finish.

A little too harsh straight, but a splash of water brings out an amazingly good dram that’s just crying out to be enjoyed in front of an open fire at the end of the day. 4.5 stars.

Many thanks to Master Of Malt for providing their That Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar this year.

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