Aldi Specially Selected Ethiopian Coffee

Coffee Review

3.0 stars

Continuing my exploration of Aldi’s fancier coffees, and we move one country northwards from Kenya, to Ethiopia.


Aldi Specially Selected Ethiopian Coffee is another darkly roasted coffee, rated slightly stronger than the previous Kenyan blend.

The ground are sweet and dark, with chocolate-dipped black cherries and dark, sun-warmed old wood. Brewed, the chocolate becomes darker and the fruit lighter, taking on an lemon citrus dimension.

That slight acidity comes through in the flavour too, along with a tannic bitterness that almost overwhelms what little sweetness carries over from the aroma. Soft brown sugar notes slowly appear in the finish which helps to add a little body to the coffee, rounding everything out nicely.

Another good work-day coffee; 3 stars.



Interesting that they share my opinion of both the Tesco & Sainsbury’s offerings, too!


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