Cafedirect Medium Roast


1.5 stars

Returning to supermarket coffee this morning, and back to CafeDirect. I’ve enjoyed their Colombian coffee before, so it’s been on my list to explore more of their range!


This is from their ‘originless’ range, simply named Medium Roast – a blend of Central and South American beans.

The grounds have a nice enough aroma, full of milk chocolate coated toffee and a hint of dark cherry. There’s a hint of old wood lurking in the background, too.

Brewed, the sweetness drops off but the toffee is still present, the chocolate notes shifting to the darker end of the spectrum.

Sadly, once it reaches the tongue things start going a little wrong. The subtle caramel sweetness and hints of fruit in the aroma have all gone, and you’re left with quite a harsh and slightly acidic bitterness with little else to balance it out. There is just the barest hint of sharp, sour cherries in the finish, and there’s a decent body to it but the overall flavour is a big disappointment. 1.5 stars, and a mental note not to bother buying it again.

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