Coffee: Pact San Marcos Timana

Coffee Review

3.5 stars

This week’s coffee takes us back to the folk at Pact. After the first offering in my renewed subscription, I’ve got some high expectations – so let’s see if they can continue to impress.


San Marcos Timana is from the southwest of Colombia – San Marcos being the region within Timana from which the coffee has come.

The grounds have a sweet richness without being darkly roasted; my immediate thought is of a Galaxy Caramel. There is a slight hint of citrus lurking in the background, but that’s mostly covered by the creamy chocolate tones.

Brewed, the lime citrus acidity is much more pronounced, along with soft, under-ripe cherries. There’s also a subtle woody note, like freshly cut green wood.

In the mouth it’s surprisingly gentle; delicate citrus acidity at the start, slowly joined by a dark, fruity chocolate dimension. It’s not as sweet or as creamy as the aroma suggests, but there’s enough depth of flavour to satisfy.

Tasty and refreshing, this is a 3.5 star coffee.

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