Advent: Day 4 – Jura Diurachs’ Own

Advent Review Whisky

3.0 stars

Today we head back to Scotland, and off to the islands – specifically, the Isle of Jura on the west coast (just next to my favourite of them all, Islay). This is another whisky I’ve enjoyed before, this time as part of Jura’s Tastival.


Jura Diurach’s Own is a 16 year old dram. It’s name comes from the Scotish Gaelic word for someone who hails from Jura – Diura being the Gaelic spelling of the island.

The nose is honeyed, with a surprisingly aggressive alcohol given the 40% ABV. There is a pear drop aroma, and soft vanilla too. Water brings out a more woody character, but at the cost of everything else.

In the mouth it has a bold alcohol heat and roasted orange peel, along with dark coffee chocolate. The sweetness from the nose is a little lacking, and the finish is lingering and fiery.

Watered, the fire is lost but so is the fruit and the chocolate – you’re left with a fairly unremarkable, slightly young tasting dram.

Another whisky to enjoy unwatered (as, it turns out, I felt the last time I tasted it!) – 3 stars.

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