Advent: Day 20 – The Girvan Patent Still No. 4 Apps

Advent Review Whisky

2.5 stars

Girvan is a dedicated grain whisky distillery owned by William Grant. It was originally intended to provide grain whisky for use in their blended scotch, but as is often the case in the whisky industry, they soon saw a marketing opportunity!


The Girvan Patent Still No. 4 Apps is something a little unusual; a single grain Scotch whisky.

The nose is clean; pure ethanol, crisp pears and hints of vanilla. Water tames the alcohol, but it’s still clean, crisp green fruit with a background of tree blossom.

In the mouth it’s light and sugary, delicate lemon honey notes with a distinct grain harshness underneath. Watered, it’s much the same but the harshness is reduced to just a slightly bitter edge at the very end.

It’s an interesting whisky; not as strongly ‘grainy’ as I was expecting and a little rough but quite enjoyable – 2.5 stars.

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