Advent: Day 2 – Teeling Small Batch

Advent Review Whisky

3.0 stars

Today’s Advent Whisky is one that I’ve enjoyed before. I’m always slightly nervous about writing tasting notes about whiskies I’ve reviewed previously, because there’s always the fear that I end up saying completely different things – so please, like me, resist the temptation to read my last review before reading this one!


Teeling Small Batch is a 46% ABV Irish whiskey finished in rum casks.

The nose is quite strongly alcohol to start, but once that’s cleared there are vanilla notes and some fruity, almost raisin-like aromas underneath. Water tames the alcohol and reveals the damp wood of the barrel, but loses the fruit.

It’s initially spicy on the tongue, with a caramel sweetness coming through after that along with an almost creamy texture. The finish is long, lingering and with a subtle woody tannic edge to it. Watered, the spice is much less pronounced but the sweetness remains, becoming more like honey and the whiskey becomes more approachable but less adventurous.

A nice Irish dram, that earns 3 stars.

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Great! i liked the review of Telling Small Batch. This is Irish whiskey & what i know about Irish whiskey brands they are truly superb in taste and seriously a great flavor for whiskey lovers.


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