Advent: Day 18 – TBWC Arran Batch 4

Advent Review Whisky

4.0 stars

I’ve had bottles from TeBaWuk before, and – ignoring the infeasibly long name – rather enjoyed them.

On the other hand, I’ve not had any Arran whisky before but I generally find that island whiskies are seriously good stuff, so the combination of the two has me excited!


Arran Batch 4 is a remarkably pale dram, and is bottled at a respectable 52% ABV.

The nose is heavenly; lemon sherbets, spiced fruit cake and a touch of sea spray, while managing to remain surprisingly light and almost delicate. Water, oddly, brings a heavier, creamier nature to the aroma.

In the mouth it’s light, with citrus oil – like a crushed lemon peel – that slowly drifts into gooseberries with a lingering winter spice edge. Watered, it’s turned down a notch but the flavours are all there and there’s a more complex finish with orange blossom blending with the spices.

I’m happy to say that my expectations were easily met with this – 4 stars!

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