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2.0 stars

I love subscriptions. There’s something magical about things arriving just as you need them, without having to do anything. I love that magazines just appear on my Kindle. I love that bin bags appear through my letter box just as I’m noticing that I’m nearly out.

Combine the magic of automatically replenishing supplies with coffee, and you’re on to a winner. There are a growing number of coffee subscription services out there, but Pact are unusual in that they don’t require a six or twelve month commitment so I’ve decided to give them a go.

Pact Samambaia Coffee

Samambaia is a Brazilian coffee, and for all Pact’s coffees there’s a wealth of information on their website. They not only tell you the varietal of the beans (Mundo Novo in this case) but also details on the harvest and processing, and even a potted history of Henrique Dias Cambraia, the owner of the fazenda.

The grounds are a medium brown colour, with an aroma of demerara sugar, hot wood and a faint fruity acidity that puts me in mind of green apples.

Brewed, the sweetness is lost from the aroma, the acidity more pronounced and some hazelnut notes start coming through.

In the mouth, the body is smooth and almost creamy, with a subtle, slightly nutty flavour and there’s a nice, slightly tannic finish – but it’s too weak for me. There’s nothing actually wrong with the flavour, there simply isn’t enough of it. If you like your coffee on the mild side, this might be one to consider but as a lover of punchier coffee, 2 stars.


Brad Garrison

Your conclusion on this one is interesting as I came to the same one after a few months with Pact. The flavour profiles were good, but there wasn’t enough strength for my strong black coffee loving palate. I was also a bit put off that the email notification that my coffee was on its way and “packed by ____” did not match the name on the envelope when it arrived. Maybe I’m petty, but they are trying to go for a personal touch with that one and it struck out sorely for me.


I’ve been with them for a while, and have a few more reviews queued up but I know what you mean – their ‘house style’ seems to be on the weaker side.


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