Twelve Beers Of Christmas: Double Enghien Brune

Beer Review

3.5 stars

Double Enghein is produced by the awesomely named Brasserie de Silly. The brewery is actually in a small village called Silly (hence the name) and has been producing beers for over 150 years.

Double Enghien Brune

Double Enghein Brune (8% ABV) was added to Silly’s range in 1975 when it purchased the Tennstedt Decroes Brewery in the nearby town of Enghein.

Although it’s nominally a brown ale, as the picture above clearly shows it’s more of an orangey amber beer, with a fairly short lived, fine head on it.

The nose is delicious; sweet honey with a touch of lemon, a little fudge and just a hint of the alcohol to come.

The taste has a big fudge start, a rich sugary sweetness with a slowly building alcoholic warmth joining it as it sits on the tongue. There’s a decent level of carbonation that helps to cut through the sweetness too, and it’s nicely balanced, dangerously quaffable ale.

It does feel a little one-dimensional, lacking much flavour underneath the syrupy sweetness but on the other hand, it’s damn tasty. A tough call, 3.5 stars.

Many thanks to Belgian Beerz for providing this year’s Twelve Beers Of Christmas!

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