Coffee: Puro Organic

Coffee Review

3.5 stars

Coffee might not be your first choice in the height of summer, but I’ve always been a firm believer that a hot drink can be just as good as a cold one on a hot day. Then again, I also think it’s perfect for a cold day, so it may be that I just rationalise my coffee cravings!


Puro Organic is the only coffee in their range that is certified organic; it’s also the only one which is 100% Arabica, but the Robusta in their other coffees didn’t seem to do any harm!

The grounds have a wonderful fruity, fresh and lemony nose – not an aroma that I’d normally expect to find in a coffee. Underneath that is a subtle suggestion of the darkest chocolate.

Brewed, the fruit aroma becomes richer – more satsuma than lemon – while the sweetness is a little reduced.

In the mouth, it’s light bodied and again that slightly sharp citrus note which is balanced nicely by an underlying sweetness. I normally prefer my coffee to be richer and darker but on a hot summer day like today this is a better choice. It manages to be light without being weak and watery; refreshing.

Puro Organic earns 3.5 stars from me; if your tastes are more to the lighter end of the spectrum you could happily add half a star!

Many thanks to Puro for providing me with these samples.

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