Coffee: Cherizena Monsoon Malabar

Coffee Review

2.5 stars

Back to Cherizena this week. I usually buy my coffee ground, but my collection from Cherizena is in bean form – this is probably a Good Thing, as it’s taken me a while to work though it all.


This is their Monsoon Malabar, a premium coffee that is, apparently, ‘dried in Monsoon winds’. This puzzles me, because surely the one thing monsoons are known for are their extraordinary wetness, which must make drying something of a challenge.

Still, I’ve had enough Monsoon Malabar coffees from various producers to know that it can be mighty tasty, however it gets dried!

The grounds have a medium roast colour and a glorious dried wood aroma. There’s a hint of cardamom spice, a suggestion of dark dried fruit and a subtle undercurrent of bitter dark chocolate.

Brewed, there’s old wood furniture aromas, and a suggestion of tobacco too.

The taste is richly roasted but without sweetness, giving you a nicely rounded bitterness that isn’t too overwhelming. The finish is a little short, and leaves you feeling a little short changed but that’s a minor criticism easily address by brewing another mug!

Overall, a decent coffee that earns 2.5 stars.

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