Twelve Beers Of Christmas: Tullibardine 1488 Whisky Beer

Beer Review

Tullibardine is actually a distillery in the Highlands, but also produces a range of ales using the same water and barley that goes into their whisky.


This is their 1488 Whisky Beer (it’s an elderly bottle, and the beer now appears to be called 1488 Whisky Ale). Once brewed, it matures in whisky casks for up to 12 weeks so you’d expect it to have a lot of whisky character to it.

It’s a slightly dull, murky copper in colour, with little head to see. The nose is understated, some toffee notes but not a great deal more.

In the mouth, there’s some vanilla fudge, and the slightest hint of alcohol – surprisingly subtle, given the 7% strength. It’s lacking some balancing bitterness to it, and I’m not really detecting any whisky flavours coming over from the time spent in the casks.

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