Kyoto Craft Heian Beer

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Kyoto has quite a thriving craft brewing scene. As my Japanese isn’t quite up to reading all the bottles, I’ve picked a fairly random one to enjoy here!

As with so many Japanese companies, Kinshi Masamune have a diverse portfolio. They are primarily a sake producer but started also brewing beer in 1997.

This is their Heian beer, a German style black beer at 5% ABV. It’s a deep, dark brown colour with a thin but very long lasting tan head. The nose is full of black roasted malt, hints of dark chocolate and just a touch of dark, sweet fruit.

The black malt dominates the flavour – a rich, almost burnt taste with a nicely understated sweetness and a delicious dry finish. That finish could do with being a touch longer, but it’s a minor quibble.

All in all, another tasty and refreshingly different Japanese beer. It’s not all Asahi!

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