Whisky Wednesday: Yoichi 10 Year Old

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Back to Japan this week; having already tried it’s bigger brother, it will be interesting to see how the 10 Year Old from Yoichi stands up.


It’s a pleasing golden colour in the glass, and the nose is honey sweet with just a hint of orange blossom. A splash of water reduces the sweetness a little, but those floral citrus notes remain leaving more of a lemon sherbert nose.

That sweetness is the first thing to hit the tip of your tongue, giving way to a little harsh grain and leading into a big spicy alcohol finish. Although water robs you of some of that sweetness, it also makes the harshness fade away leaving you light fresh fruit.

Not a hugely complex whisky but with water it’s a tasty, fresh dram that’s ideal for those hot summer evenings.

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