Whisky Wednesday: Bruichladdich 17 Year Old Pedro Ximenez Sherry

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I love Bruichladdich; I honestly can’t think of a single expression of theirs that has failed to leave me smiling and wanting more.

Pedro Ximenez is the king of sherry. I’m more of a port man myself, but I have to admit that if I’m going to be drinking sherry then making it a PX pretty much ensures that I’m going to enjoy it all the more.

So putting these two together can only be good news.


It’s a good rich colour in the glass, although given the age and sherry cask I would have expected it to perhaps be a little darker.

The nose is wonderfully rich and fruity; dark berries and a lurking spiciness. It packs a real punch in the mouth – lots of honey sweetness at the start, with some deep, warming spices coming through a little later and giving you a nice slow burning finish.

Watered, the fruit nose becomes a little lighter – still honey sweet but fresher, more strawberry than blackberry. The same applies to the taste; lighter, fresher but still very fruity and with a big burst of spice to it.

This is a curious whisky. It is big, bold and very, very tasty but it lacks the complexity that I was expecting. Perhaps a victim of my own anticipation.

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