Whisky Wednesday: Aberlour 10 Year Old

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Some whiskies in my cupboard were bought for specific reasons; recommendations from friends or because I knew and loved the area they came from. This week’s whisky is not one of those.

Aberlour 10

I actually bought this in my local supermarket because it was on special offer. It’s a well priced 10 year old Highland; I wasn’t expecting amazing things – it was, after all, little over twenty quid – but hoped for a good, solid ‘drinking’ whisky.

On the nose, hiding behind the grain, are hints of orange peel and caramel. A splash of water brings out some more interesting aromas, of toast and a slight spice.

In the mouth, there is some sweetness but it’s offset by a curious, almost tannic bitterness. Water cuts back the sweetness, and brings some fruitier notes to the fore but it still feels a little rough around the edges and one dimensional.

To sum up, it’s unremarkable. I’ll finish the bottle – it’s not undrinkable – but I won’t bother buying another, no matter how good a special offer it is.

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Cigar Inspector

A bit surprised that you found it bitter, as far as I remember it was a pretty smooth whisky. I consider it one of the better “value for money” single malts and often recommend it to friends. Perhaps I should revisit it…


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