Monster Beer: Brewdog Hardcore IPA

Back to Brewdog for this week’s Monster Beer. I’ve waxed lyrical on the brewery often enough, so straight onto the beer. This is the slightly more accessible Hardcore IPA, at 9.2% positively lightweight for a Brewdog beer. It’s rather strangely labelled as an “explicit imperial ale” on the bottle although I’m not sure quite what… Read more »

Whisky Wednesday: Monkey Shoulder

A bit of a change this week; until now I think all my Whisky Wednesdays have been single malts but Monkey Shoulder is a little different. I’ve seen it around at various shows over the years but somehow never got around to trying it myself. Monkey Shoulder is a blend of three Speyside single malts… Read more »

Monster Beer: Hardknott Queboid

Hardknott are one of those breweries that have been on my radar – and my Twitter feed – for ages and yet somehow I’ve utterly failed to try any of their beer up to now. A recent visit to Borough Market (and therefore Utobeer) resulted in a nice haul of monsters and among them I… Read more »

Whisky Wednesday: Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

A Highland single malt today, from my “I wonder where this came from” pile – everyone has piles like that, right?! I have to confess I’ve not really come across Glenfarclas before; I’m not sure that’s any criticism of the whisky – more likely that my Islay obsession has blindfolded me to a lot of… Read more »