Thwaites Flying Shuttle

Beer Review


Name: Thwaites Flying Shuttle

ABV: 4.9%

Bottled/ Draft: Bottled, not conditioned

Colour: Deep, deep brown

Head: Short lived, not over fizzed.

Mouthfeel: Light, but not watery.

Taste: Nutty maltiness, sweet with not much in the way of hops. Lighter tasting than you might expect such a dark beer to be.

Comment: This is clearly my kind of beer, as my tasting notes have both “very nice” and “delicious!” scribbled across them. It’s dark and sweet like a good porter, but not overly heavy, and very drinkable – if I’d had a crate instead of a bottle I can well imagine losing an evening to this beer.

It’s not a light summer ale, but as a fuller, richer beer for cooler times, you couldn’t do much better; it has the tastiness of a winter ale but without the “one bottle and you’re out” punch.

Named for one of the key developments in weaving during the Industrial Revolution (and invented by Lancastrian, John Kay), this beer is brewed specially for Lancashire Day (which, as I’m sure you know, is on November 27th) but is available all year around.


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