Finchley’s Ales India Pale Ale

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Name: Finchley’s Ales India Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5

Price £1.19 from Aldi

Bottled/ Draft: Bottled, not bottle conditioned.

Colour: Deep amber.

Head: Good lingering head.

Mouthfeel: Nice bubble feel, although a little fizzy.

Taste: Some maltiness, with a long and quite strong hoppy finish.

Comment: I only really bought this because I came across it in Aldi and, living in Finchley, I assumed they’d started doing store-specific labelling or something – it was only later that I discovered that this is the ‘own brand’ label that Aldi seem to be using for their beers. There’s a fair amount of debate about just whose beer is in the bottle, the prevailing opinion being that it’s Bateman’s.

Regardless of who makes the stuff, I’m a fan.

Aside from a touch of over-fizziness (something which I’m beginning to realise is a slightly obsessive theme of mine – I’m taking to letting my beer ‘breathe’ for half an hour, like wine, to allow the fizz to die down!) it’s a wonderful ale; a nicely malty start, a well balanced and lingering bitterness and at a price which is, frankly, irresistible. I look forward to exploring the rest of the Finchley’s range.



The Shed

Much agree with you about letting beers 'breathe'. In particular some of the richer Belgian offerings can be a tad too excitable, but drink superbly after a few minutes' rest. Tis a dangerous thing though….a beer which gets nicer towards the end.Have you tried either of the pale ales from The Kernel Brewery near London Bridge? Never a problem with over-fizz, and really delicious – bottle conditioned, intensely perfumed and hoppy.

Pete Favelle

Haven't had a chance to try any of the Kernel's beer yet, but I'm eager to try every beer produced in London so I'll definitely add them to my (not inconsiderable!) list…

The Shed

I think they have open Saturdays at the brewery to go and find out more. Not been yet but intend on doing so when time allows. Conveniently situated close to Brew Wharf too, whose newish brewer is a little bit good.


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