Coniston Blacksmiths Ale

Beer Review


Name: Coniston Blacksmiths Ale

ABV: 5.0%

Bottled/ Draft: Draft

Price: £3.20 a pint at the Black Bull, Coniston

Colour: Deep golden

Head/ Bubbles: Creamy head

Mouthfeel: Fuller body than the Bluebird

Taste: A good hoppy start, with an underlying strength and maltiness.

Comment: Labelled as a ‘Winter Warmer’ and with a name like Blacksmiths, I’d imagined this would be a dark, almost porter-like beer and was rather taken aback by the arrival of a deep golden pint. The strength, combined with a full body and rich flavour certainly made it an enjoyable pint but it would be a stretch to call it much of a winter warmer.

It’s interesting how strongly my opinion was affected by my expectations – the actual taste was certainly closer to what I’d expected than was suggested by it’s lighter colour; if they’d given me exactly the same beer but twice as dark I think I’d have enjoyed the beer twice as much. This is either a sign that breweries who add colour (or at least select dark malts for colour as much as flavour) know what they’re talking about, or that I need to keep my eyes closed when drinking!




@Debs – not drinking more than usual but getting into writing them up for this new Pete Drinks series! He's still cooking for me [email protected] – it was really nice, teach me not to judge the book by its cover!


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