CaféDirect Cauca Valley

Continuing our exploration of CaféDirect’s revamped range, and we head a little south, onto the South American continent itself. We’ve encountered Colombian coffee from CaféDirect before, but I suspect there has been a little reformulation to go with the rebranding – the strength rating has been nudged down from a 4 to a 3, and… Read more »

Taylors Rare Blossom Ethiopia

Taylors have re-vamped their Origins range, or perhaps simply replaced it with a very similar ‘Single Origin’ one. Although none of the old origins that I can recall remain, the coffees are all from a single country – in contrast to their core range which are blended from beans across multiple countries and regions. Rare… Read more »

Fuller’s & Friends – Flora & The Griffin

In the last couple of years I’ve grown to realise what a great ingredient rye is. My consistent ‘go-to’ beers from London Brewing – the mighty Mad As Hops when they have it, and the almost-as-good Rye ‘The Hell’ Not when they don’t – are both Rye IPAs. At the same time, when it comes to… Read more »

Fuller’s & Friends – Matariki

Saisons are very ‘on-trend’ at the moment – every craft brewery worth its salt seems to brew one, just as last year they all had to brew lager. So it was inevitable, perhaps, that one would show up in this collection. That said, I hadn’t expected Marble to be the folk to do it; in… Read more »