Pact Irmas Pereira


One thing I like about Pact is that their coffees always have a single-sentence summary on the packet; it’s obviously not a perfect description, but it sets your expectations quite nicely. Of course, the down side is that when you come to write a review, you have to try and ignore those expectations! Irmas Pereira… Read more »

Samuel Adams Rebel IPA

It only seems right to be drinking something American on their Independence Day, and happily Shepherd Neame have provided an ideal beer in the form of their latest import from Samuel Adams. Rebel IPA is a 6.5% all-American IPA; fairly mid-range in terms of strength. It’s a pale copper ale, with little in the way… Read more »

Shepherd Neame 1215 Ale


Shepherd Neame is a brewery that loves history, so it’s perhaps not surprising that they are celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta with a special beer. In preparation for the approaching anniversary, the Magna Carta has been talked about ad nauseam lately, although more in abstract that in any great detail – for… Read more »

Douwe Egberts Morning Americano

I have to admit, when I read the name Douwe Egberts it doesn’t say “top notch coffee” to me. For some reason associate the name with the sort of coffee that you get served in pubs – the stuff that’s been sat in the filter carafe since last April and has been brewed so weak… Read more »