Taylors High Voltage

I’m a big fan of Taylors – their coffee is easily available, well priced and generally pretty damn tasty. In recent months their range has expanded, with the arrival of “single origin” coffees, showcasing the character of four bean-producing nations – and hopefully more to come. Happily, their blended range remains – when I first… Read more »

Raw Bean Unwind Laid-Back Latino Fusion


I’m honestly not sure what to make of Raw Bean. They make a big thing about how coffee is best when it’s fresh, and so “we only roast our coffee once the order has been placed”. All very sensible stuff, but then they put their coffee into bags and sell it to Waitrose – the… Read more »

Anspach & Hobday Tour-At-Home

Anspach & Hobday have been on my ‘to try’ list for a long time, but somehow they never ended up in my basket when restocking my cupboard. This is the slight downside to the current explosion of new breweries – it’s impossible to keep up with them all! We ended up visiting them by accident… Read more »

Nikka Taketsuru 21 Year Old

After setting up Suntory’s Yamazaki distillery outside of Kyoto, Masataka Taketsuru left to found his own company which was to become Nikka. His new company built its first distillery, Yoichi, on the northern island of Hokkaido. Thirty five years later, a second malt whisky distillery was set up further south, on Japan’s main island of… Read more »