Pact Toledo – Norte de Santander

Today’s coffee is a Colombian bean from the Norte de Santander region, which is in the North East of the country, up by Venezuela. If nothing else, my coffee habits are improving my sense of South American geography! Toledo looks lighter roasted than I would normally go for, but has a rich aroma nonetheless. Some… Read more »

Moor Beer Fusion, 2012 Vintage


It’s been a while since I dug into my Monster Beer fridge, and this seems to be the perfect choice to get back into the swing of things – an 8% ABV barrel-aged Old Ale, in an alarming generous 660ml bottle. Fusion is an Old Ale which is aged in barrels from the Somerset Cider… Read more »

Pact Fazenda Sertao

After enthusing about Pact’s single sentence summaries in my last review, I’ve realised that the last few packets I’ve received have all followed a similar theme – milk chocolate, cherries, that kind of thing. In some ways this is entirely reasonable. Coffee often has a red fruit character – the bean comes from the inside… Read more »

Pact Irmas Pereira


One thing I like about Pact is that their coffees always have a single-sentence summary on the packet; it’s obviously not a perfect description, but it sets your expectations quite nicely. Of course, the down side is that when you come to write a review, you have to try and ignore those expectations! Irmas Pereira… Read more »