Douwe Egberts Morning Americano

I have to admit, when I read the name Douwe Egberts it doesn’t say “top notch coffee” to me. For some reason associate the name with the sort of coffee that you get served in pubs – the stuff that’s been sat in the filter carafe since last April and has been brewed so weak… Read more »

Home Brewing: AG14 – Pete’s Porter


Having got pretty comfortable with my Coffee Stout (which after much soul-searching I’ve started calling a Coffee Porter instead), I decided that I should really try and produce a ‘natural’ porter. While I love my coffee beers, sometimes you just want a beer flavoured beer – besides, for some strange reason I find the coffee… Read more »

Smooth Ambler Old Scout Straight Bourbon

Smooth Ambler are a West Virginian distillery, set up in 2009. As is often the way with young distilleries, they produce a range of vodka and gins, but it’s their whiskey that is the focus of my attention today. The folk at Master of Malt have an interesting Smooth Ambler taster set which covers both… Read more »

Home Brewing: AG13 – Hop Panic!

This story has two rather contradictory morals to it, but they’re both equally valuable lessons. Moral 1: Plan Ahead I started out with the intention of re-making my previously successful #IPADay, because it’s a lovely beer and my store of the previous batch was running low. The brew day started out well enough, and the… Read more »